Of Heroes and Villains


Random thoughts before I go to bed:

Why do so many movie villains speak in such crisp British tones? It’s as if they all go to a villain academy and take a course called “How to Speak with a British Accent.” I like that accent, but really… isn’t there any other accent they can use? (That said, I will admit that using that Brit accent – spoken in the right tone of voice – is pretty effective in immediately conveying the impression of “superiority”, of someone who is self-confident or who has a great deal of self-command.)

Why do villains tend to have more impressive or cooler outfits than the heroes? Is there a rule about hero/villain costume design that I’m not aware of? haha

Why is it that in many modern movies, the villains are so much more complex and appear to have more depth than the heroes? There is a tendency for the heroes tend to be a little more “flat”, or less developed as characters in comparison to the villain. I wonder why that is. Can they not be just as complex? Or is it just that there somehow exists a need to explain the evil? One can be good for the sake of being good, but you can’t be evil just for the sake of being evil? Hmm.

Time to sleeeeep.


Got anything to add or say? :D