Kyoto is Picturesque

Much more picturesque than Tokyo.

Tokyo is all concrete jungle – modern stuff. But Kyoto is the old capital, and though there are modern buildings too, they maintain a good many older houses, which results in quaint scenes of narrow streets like the one above, leading to the Yasaka Pagoda (the tall structure at the end of the road).

The pic above was taken in the late evening (on Monday) when the pagoda was closed – which is probably why this street was so deserted. But I think that that was the best time. It wasn’t hot like it was in the afternoon, and there were no masses of people jostling around.

Monday’s itinerary: Kiyomizudera, Yasaka Shrine, Gion, Teramachi-dori (shopping street)
Today’s itinerary: Hikone Castle (half-day trip out from Kyoto)
Tomorrow: Toei Studio Park, Kinkakuji

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