Broadway Parodies Lagi Lah!


I was blessed enough to catch the first Broadway Parodies lah back in May 2007 when I was still in KL. I thought it was fantastic! So when word got out that they were doing it again, I was delighted but at the same time I wondered if I’d really bother to go all the way down to KL just for that (then again, I did it for Beauty & the Beast). Next thing I know, they say that they’re going to do a nationwide tour – and Penang was one of the stops! YAY!

Thus I happily went to see the show on Friday night with Anna, Joyce and my sisters. It was SO fun!

Most of the songs were the ones they’d done last year, but there were several new ones (like Under the Tree, Diamonds in Your Ears My Friend and Tomorrow) and most of the cast was new too. Anyway I didn’t mind at all. I like those songs. :)

The jokes were hilarious and evidently updated to suit this year’s news. For example, leading up to the I Just Want to be a Dame song, the lawyer character was talking on the phone to his friend/client about taking a holiday to Christchurch and then later told said friend that “I’ve got the perfect defense for you! It looks like you, it sounds like you, but it’s NOT YOU!” Everyone just about exploded at that. :))

I have to admit that I think overall the first cast sang better. But this cast had some remarkable performers too. Ho Soon Yoon and Glamorique Arshad (who were also part of the first Broadway Parodies) were two of my favourites. Good singers, and funny actors. Some of the songs they did were my favourites – like Delisted. I can’t remember if they were the ones who did this song the last time, but there was certainly more tapdancing than I recall. My memory’s fuzzy in some parts…

Tabitha Kong was outstanding. Her performance in Bomoh of the Bursa was especially mindblowing. Fantastic voice. (I already knew she could sing and act from her performances in SIB KL’s Drunk Before Dawn, but this was really spectacular.)

Some brilliant person got some of the songs from one of the KLPAC shows and put them up on Youtube, so you can have a look at them. :D

(I actually seriously wanted to go again on Saturday night, but it was fully booked. :(  Sigh. At least I got to see it once. hehe)

Got anything to add or say? :D