Conversations #21


At the very least, The Dark Knight Rises has provided me with some laughs.

Journey: So many plot holes too. The movie lost me as soon as Bane took over the city
Me: Hole-y story, Batman
J: Bwahaha!

(Ye-ah, I think I’m only able to crack geek jokes. Now that I think about it, if I’d tried the same line with most other people I know, all I’d have gotten would be blank stares… This sort of joke requires at least minimal geek knowledge and an apprecation of puns and such.)


Then, talking about how we and one of our ex-classmates, Remington, seem to be in the minority group that doesn’t much like TDKR…

J: We are the 1 percent!
Y: Hahaha!!

The privileged elite? Lol
J: Let’s hope we don’t have to appear in the DKR lovers’ kangaroo court
Y: Would Batman come save us?
(haha kind of ironic, that)
J: Yes but let’s hope he doesn’t read our blogs. haha
Y: Maybe if it was John Blake as Batman.

That Batman would happily save us since we praised him [in our reviews]

Speaking of reviews, check out their pieces on The Dark Knight Rises: Journey points out the awkward turns in the narrative and questions why Nolan opted for the ending that he did; whilst Remington pronounces the film “overstuffed” and marks John Blake as the surprising star of the story. And they both remark on the ineffectiveness of Bane as the antagonist (something I forgot to do in my own blog post on the subject). We three agree, though, that John Blake is pretty darn cool and that on a purely technical level, TDKR can’t be faulted. The flaws are all in the narrative. But yeah, we’re in the minority. Clearly. haha


Got anything to add or say? :D