Beware of Your Stuff.

(A small break from Disney.)

Beware of your valuable possessions. They will eat you if you’re not careful.

(Picture taken at the Grand Palace, Bangkok.)

The Grand Palace in Bangkok was kinda boring for me because:

  1. I don’t find that sort of architecture very interesting (the highly ornate, covered in gold and cut glass, so-detailed-it’s-over-the-top ornamentation and figures that scowl menacingly at you; all derived strongly from a mixture of Buddhist and Hindu artistic influences).
  2. I come from Malaysia. It’s not like I haven’t been to any temples before. I’ve seen enough similar stuff that I’m not particularly impressed.
  3. I dislike the smell of incense and it was almost everywhere, pervading the buildings.

I only took 2 photos at the Grand Palace – the one you see above, and another one of some amusing monkey statues amidst some bushes.

Got anything to add or say? :D