Talk About Being Confused.


I seem to have divided the linguistic side of my brain into just two basic parts: English and non-English. Having all other languages lumped together under “non-English” results in me having a tricky time studying for my Spanish exam (which is tomorrow. aaaaaaaah).

When memorising the names of colours, somehow I have no problem with all the basic ones except purple. Almost every time, instead of writing morado I find myself wanting to write murasaki, which is the Japanese word.

When thinking of simple phrases like “John’s cat,” my first reaction is to translate as John no neko instead of gato de John. That’s… completely reversed.

And most annoyingly (and probably the silliest of all) right now is dealing with numbers. For example, when I have sentences like this: Yo tengo 3 hermanas. (I have three sisters.) When I read it in my head, it should be Yo tengo tres hermanas. Instead, I automatically ‘read’ Yo tengo san hermanas. I don’t know why only the numeral ‘converts’ to the Japanese reading in my head. The same goes for time, especially the nice round numbers like 1.30 or 5 o’clock. Occasionally takes quite a bit of effort for me to remember to write uno y media or cinco en punto rather than ichiji han or goji.

Fortunately, I haven’t encountered the same problems with learning the days of the week or the months or simple adjectives…

Exam tomorrow. @_@ I feel like a headless chicken. Okay, maybe not a headless one. Just one with addled brains.


  1. Hahahaha.
    Sorry, I’m much worse. I still have to count on my fingers ‘cos I can’t remember what number’s what in hokkien/mandarin. >.<
    Mine would probably be “English” and “non-existent”

    Hope it went well. :)

  2. It did go well, seeing my final grade. ahahah

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