Japan: Day 9 – Disneyland (2)

Toontown, where toons live.

I came upon this mini marching band putting on a performance in Toontown.

Such happy, wacky, brightly-coloured costumes. Yet not gaudy or eye-searing. Disney, my eyes thank you for not torturing my eyes with awful costumes. (Well, there were several rather unappealing ones in the Jubilation parade, but overall I couldn’t fault the Disney aesthetic.)

I like this pic for the interaction in it. Shy little girl being coaxed to participate by the friendly band member. The Disneyland Cast Members always looks so happy when dealing with people, and they are particularly nice to children (naturally).

Look at that happy smile!

Lots of illusion of depth tricks employed inthe construction of buildings and the backdrops around Disneyland.

A Toontown manhole. A Toonhole.

I thought the signboards around Toontown were amusing. Beware of toon driving dangerously?

Five Dime store. A gift shop.

Roger Rabbit ride exterior.

Fireworks store. (This one was just a facade.)

Falling safe zone. hahah!

Roger Rabbit fountain.

“Try… Nox & Ping’s Gasoline Additive. Makes your car backfire and sputta – just the way a toon car oughta.”
I like this kind of joke. hahah

I didn’t notice this number plate until I was going through my photos. “Anim8ed.” Nice one!

Ink & Paint department is beside the Toontown School.

*goes off on tangent about Ink & Paint* The Ink & Paint departments of old were usually full of women and according to an article I read the other day, it’s scientifically logical because apparently women see more shades of colour than men. Something like that. hahah (I would prefer to work in ink & paint myself, as opposed to the animation department. Colourssss.)

I decided to grab my lunch from Huey, Dewey and Louie’s Good Time Cafe in Toontown, and walk to find a good spot to sit down before the 2pm Jubilation Parade. This girl was in the queue beside me. The Goofy hat headband caught my eye.

Next: People-watching, Pre-Jubilation Parade

Got anything to add or say? :D