What can I say?


One of my students sent me an e-mail today. He’s the new secretary of the Multimedia & IT Society (for which I was “persuaded” to take over as advisor when I started this job – please note the inverted commas. “Persuaded”). He was supposed to send me the full contact list of the committee members about two weeks ago, but only sent it after I saw him yesterday and demanded to know where the list was.

I’m resigned to the fact that students in this small college don’t have the greatest command of English, but sometimes…

The subject line of the e-mail he sent, the filename and the title line in the file all read:

Communist Members Contact List


  1. No doubt, your student is deeply rooted to China. Instead of correcting his mistake, change your name to Mao Tze-Tung. Yes, you can keep the hypen in your name.

  2. heya, happy new year…

    any chance his surname is Sun? maybe this guys ancestor is related to Sun Yat Tsen, who did visit Penang at some point … :-p

  3. however, on a more serious note, I think there are stil traces of communist-ish links up north still compared to other parts of the country.

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