Japan: Day 9 – Disneyland (5)

I considered ignoring this set of pictures altogether and going straight into the next batch because I thought that I must be boring my friends with incessant Disney. But then… this is my blog. So I might as well. haha

Space Mountain. Was closed for upgrading. :(

I headed for Showbase in Tomorrowland to try and catch the One Man’s Dream II stage show. It was a collection of short performances – singing and dancing – featuring the Disney characters. The description of the show on my Disneyland map says: “Walt  Disney’s dreams were behind his well-loved films and characters. This colorful musical show brings to life scenes from popular Disney stories.”

Mickey and gang open the show.

I had to stand at the back because the seats were all full. There were a few spaces left for the last group of us in line, but the staff did say that some would have to stand and asked for those of us who didn’t mind standing to move to one side. I didn’t mind (better for photo-taking anyway) so I ended up standing. (I was rather glad I understood enough Japanese to make a guess at what they were saying. I could have asked them to repeat it in English but still… it was nice to know I understood it correctly. *phew* )

The Peter Pan segment. Hook and crew have captured Wendy.

The giant inflated crocodile. lol

Peter saves Wendy and they fly off into the sky~

Snow White’s evil stepmother.


Aurora, awakened from her sleep.

Snow White and her prince. Apart from the sleeves, I love this dress. *_* Wish I could wear it…

Donald and Daisy.

The finale dance.

There were other segments, such as a “jungle” bit featuring Kerchak and King Louie, and a Bug’s Life piece (which was kinda blah). I don’t think those are interesting enough for me to include photos of them in this post. (I think I’m too conscious now that all this Disney on my blog is perhaps overkill…)

R2-D2! In egg form.

I want to wear a princess dress and walk around Disneyland too.

One of the Tomorrowland rides.

Wandered into Toontown again. The “Hysterical Society.” hahah

A Mickey fountain with the Toontown sign looming over it in the background.

A merry-looking boat.

Minnie’s house. You know, I think there is a photo of me standing in front of Minnie’s house in Disneyland Anaheim… Seventeen years ago. Man. I feel old now. Even so… I like Disney more now than I did before. *twiddles thumbs*

Mickey and Minnie play golf, it seems.

Got anything to add or say? :D