Japan: Train People

I took quite a number of shots of people on the train with my iPhone – whilst attempting to be subtle about it. haha

Mainly used the nofinder app, and Retro Camera on occasion. nofinder is a camera app that doesn’t have a viewfinder so you’re essentially shooting blind. One of the benefits is that anyone looking over your shoulder won’t know you’re taking a picture, or won’t know what you’re taking a picture of. But neither do you. hahaha A lot of guesswork and luck goes into it, but it’s kinda fun.

I don’t usually use the WordPress Gallery feature, but let’s have a go at it. The pics will display as thumbnails, but if you click on any one of them, they should go into a full-screen lightbox mode and you can navigate back and forth between them. To get out of the lightbox, just click outside the picture or on the little ‘x’  – it should return to this blog page. :)

Got anything to add or say? :D