More Engrish.


I had half a blog post written about my thoughts on the Disney/Star Wars merger, but then abandoned it because I didn’t think there was any real point to it. I might finish it later. Or something. haha

In the meantime, behold some samples of English that I have to read when grading assignments.

* Note that for this assignment, they weren’t required to write a full report – I just needed to see “research and references” for the festivals (which were the theme of the posters) and the art styles they were trying to adapt or use. This usually means pictures and excerpts from websites or books. I didn’t encourage copy-pasting, but this assignment was more about the design so they’re  not obliged to write original essays. A number of them wrote their own “reports”, efforts which I would generally commend except that most of the “reports” consisted of single paragraphs of no more than 5 or 6 sentences – most of which hardly make sense… which then becomes barely commendable. (Think about it: 5 or 6 sentences explaining what the festival in question is, and also giving the rationale for the style chosen. There is no way that 5 or 6 sentences will explain it all unless they have the skills of a PhD student and can write single sentences of up to 50 words.)

Hou Yi except Communication Arts hunting all day, and his wife together, people are envious of this loving couple Langcainvmao.
Many the patriots come here Toushi Arts, evil intents Peng Meng also mixed in.
[…] Said, take this drug, heaven immediately become immortal. However, Hou Yi could not bear to leave his wife, had to temporarily elixir to Chang E collection.

… hahahahahahaha

This last one was clearly an article put through Google Translate and blindly accepted. Sigh.

…I had choose   Loi Krathong festival as my main theme design because the Loi Krathong is bring a meaning of peaceful . […] I  have use a style of which the dark n bright is very different. Besides that ,I have use the water lotus to show the brightness and use a black background to show the darkness of this poster.

I distinctly remember that this student told me that the intended style was the one that is “very bright and very dark”. I stared and asked what exactly is this style. I knew what the student meant – probably baroque-era paintings, wherein the contrast between light and shadows was very stark for the most part – but I wanted to see if he knew what in the world he was talking about. He didn’t know. I told him to go find out. Clearly, he did not. (Also, his “report” consisted of exactly five sentences and was full of poorly-applied punctuation.)


It’s almost everyone celebrates Christmas. Not only Christian’s but everyone celebrates Christmas. It’s where happy moment begins. And everyone gathering together. I use different color’s in my poster to show that Christmas is colorful and happy…

This one’s report was littered with misplaced apostrophes. It drove me nuts. More so because this came from a girl whose spoken English is actually above average for students in this college. I thanked God for the umpteenth time that I do not teach English. I think I’d lose my mind.

My mother teaches English and has done so for as long as I’ve been alive. She’s amazing. I am in awe of her fortitude. I would have white hair by 35 if I taught English to Malaysian students.


Got anything to add or say? :D