I’m sitting in one of the computer labs right now. Not doing work. Because a circuit tripped – or they turned it off for some reason – this morning and there has been no air-con in my office since around 10-something this morning. The computers don’t work either. The lights and fans work but since the computers are dead, that means… I can’t do any work.



Sat around for a while then it got too hot and I escaped into this computer lab. I normally have a class in this lab at this hour (2pm) on Tuesdays, but it’s almost the end of term and I finished teaching the syllabus a couple of weeks ago. So now I’m in the lab, where the computers work and there is air-con. Still can’t do any work because all my files are on my office computer.

(I’m not the only one not doing anything – my two colleagues with whom I share the room have also vanished somewhere; presumably for a long lunch or to someone else’s room.)

So I’m just reflecting on stuff. Like Disney. And Disney buying Star Wars. And how that means that Disney now owns nearly everything that I like. I’ve always liked Disney so on its own Disney is already a big thing to me.

Then they started working with Pixar. And then they bought Pixar.

Next, they acquired Marvel. I didn’t care. Until I saw Captain America. And Avengers.

Hmm. The Narnia movies fell under Disney too, didn’t they? Distribution rights or something. *is vague*

Now they’ve bought Star Wars.

If they get the rights to Lord of the Rings and One Piece, they will own just about everything that delights my fangirl heart.

That reminds me… The Hobbit will be out soon. I am both excited and skeptical about it. I do not approve of their stretching it out to three movies. That hints at loads of useless stuff added in. Already we see Galadriel in the trailer for part 1. What? Galadriel never appeared in the book – I don’t think she was even mentioned. Only Elrond did, for a bit. And then Legolas’ father, Thranduil. Speaking of Thranduil, I don’t like his costume design. That crown looks rather silly. On the upside, I think Legolas is gonna show up for a tiny bit in part 2 or 3. Yay! But I’ve heard that there’s some random female Elf character that’s being introduced. WHY? (Apparently her name is Tauriel and she will appear briefly in movie 1, but more in movies 2 and 3. I salute them for creating a name that uses Tolkien’s Elvish correctly, but I don’t see the need for her.) Galadriel’s inclusion already feels forced to me, but at least she’s an established important character in Middle-earth. What would some other random Elf do?? *lots of iffy feelings regarding these additions*

I’d like to be an Elf. Tall, beautiful, elegant and wise. But I suppose I’m more Hobbit-like, really. :( Tom Hiddleston should be cast as an Elf. He has the stature and the air for it. Better still, he should be cast as Grand Admiral Thrawn. If Disney/Lucasfilm ever make the Thrawn trilogy. But it doesn’t look like they will. Boo. I think he could pull off the role of Thrawn (who is one of the best fictional villains I can think of) – even with the blue skin and red eyes of the Chiss. Then again, maybe he’s too young to play a war veteran like Thrawn. Hmm.

Actually, trying to make the any of the Star Wars EU novels into films would be problematic in casting. How do you cast Luke Skywalker, Princess Leia and Han Solo? Their actors are all far too old now… Wait. They’re just about the right ages for the Fate of the Jedi series (the current arc). But you can’t do FotJ without introducing a whole tonne of stuff that happened after Return of the Jedi. Considering all the major players in FotJ apart from those three, you’d need to explain the Hapes Cluster and the Nightsisters (all introduced in Courtship of Princess Leia, which I think is actually rather film-able), the Solo and Skywalker children, the Yuuzahn Vong war, and Darth Caedus. That would mean the Thrawn trilogy, possibly also the Hand of Thrawn duology, the New Jedi Order series and Legacy of the Force series. That is an insane amount of material.

I wonder why I retain all this useless trivia so easily.


Got anything to add or say? :D