You Don’t Enjoy Disneyland?

My Singaporean relatives were around for a week or so and I discovered that my little cousins went to DisneySea this year and found it boring.


How tragic. Not even 12 years old and they think it’s boring. Well, okay, they’ve been to Disneyland in Hong Kong and in Paris, and there’s also the Universal Studios park in Singapore, so I suppose maybe they’ve had their fill of theme parks. But still! It’s somehow so… sad? The Disney fan within makes it really hard for me to comprehend how anyone, especially young children, could fail to find Disneyland (or DisneySea) fun.

Of course, as Mum pointed out: (1) I haven’t been to as many theme parks as my small cousins have; (2) by the time I first went to Disneyland (in Anaheim, at age 10), I had already seen many Disney movies; and (3) I actually really really enjoyed those movies.

(Sparkles and such have been edited into this picture to better simulate my feelings of delight and wonder.)

I think I will never find it boring. *v* (unless I’m with people who make the experience utterly horrible.)


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