So let’s get into this Europe trip. (Don’t worry, it won’t be anywhere near as long-winded as my Japan trip posts. haha)

We took a day trip into Zurich, Switzerland and hopped on a city tour.

Zurich looks like this.

And this.

It was a cold day in Zurich.

Sentosa. XD

Boats by Lake Zurich.

A tram that goes up… a hill. I don’t know what the hill was called. hahah

Kid in a pram on the tram.

At the top of the hill, there was a pretty snow-covered landscape to view, with the city down below.

A house looking snug and comfy amongst the trees.

Look out for deer?

Two evergreen trees keeping each other company on the snowy hill.

There was a couple taking their beagle out for a walk. Awwww.

Back down in the city… The Grossmunster, well-known symbol of Zurich.

The river in front of the Grossmunster.

Lots of people were out doing Christmas shopping.

People must shop a lot at this time of the year. This van serves as a storage room. You go shopping, then if you have too many bags or stuff that’s too heavy, you can put it here (for a fee), go off to continue shopping, and come back later to retrieve your stuff.

Snapped a shot before my camera could focus and got this rather charming blurry picture.

This is the clear version.

Heading back to the station… I liked those white lights they hung down that street – they looked like little stars~

Got anything to add or say? :D