The Bunny That Stole a Carrot


Once upon a time, a bunny took a carrot from an evil queen’s carrot patch. The bunny was hungry and began munching the carrot happily. It was a tasty carrot. The bunny hadn’t tasted a carrot that yummy in a long time. But unbeknownst to the bunny, the evil queen had bewitched all the carrots so that if anyone took them and ate them without permission, a dreadful spell would fall upon the thief. So with every bite the bunny took, it grew larger and larger… And by the time the bunny finished eating the carrot, it realised it was about as big as a castle.

The bunny was horrified. It dashed home immediately, crushing trees and scaring the other woodland creatures along the way. But the now-gigantic bunny couldn’t fit into its burrow and all the other bunnies took one look at it and ran away in fear of being trampled. The giant bunny cried and cried. One of its tears fell on and nearly drowned a passing field mouse so it stopped crying immediately, realising that its giant tears could be dangerous.

Then it occurred to to giant bunny that it was as big as a castle. So the giant bunny turned around and went back to the evil queen’s home… and stomped her home to bits.

The end.


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