Yet another day trip out from Freiburg – this time to a French town called Strasbourg.

The Ill river runs through Strasbourg.

Christmas trees waiting for new owners.

A big Christmas tree graces a square in the town.

Strasbourg is apparently known as the “capital of Christmas” and features up to 12 different Christmas markets. Sadly, we didn’t have time to really explore any of them but the Christmas decorations there were really pretty. Mum was very taken by the charming decor all around. haha

Animals look down on passers-by in the street.

Random street.

A closer look at the stuff hanging in the street.

A church looking over a Christmas market.

Another street, with different decorations.

The Strasbourg Cathedral.

Inside the cathedral.

On a hill far away, stood an old rugged cross, the emblem of suffering and shame…

The astronomical clock inside the church.

Interesting – they put chandeliers into glass boxes.

We saw quite a number of people walking their dogs. Here’s one, patiently waiting for its owner to conclude business inside a shop.

More Christmas decorations!

The Tourism Office had big gingerbread men outside.

“Quack quack. Merry Christmas.”

A stall in the Christmas market outside the Strasbourg Cathedral. It started snowing rather heavily and spoilt our river cruise because it was difficult to see anything.  It also put an end to my photography because getting white streaks across everything wasn’t fun. Snow is great when you’re indoors, but when you’re trying to go sightseeing…

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