Whirlwind Weekend

My entire weekend was eaten up by the event every uni student knows as “convocation;” more commonly called “convo.” And it wasn’t even my own convocation!

But… It was convocation for a bunch of people I cherish a great deal, and since it was in Cyber (instead of in Malacca), I went. :)

Saturday was for the IT and Management students. Silver and yellow were the order of the day for the grads. It turned out to be not-so-good for me because I hadn’t eaten before I went to see them after the ceremony. Then there was the hot, hot sun. And everyone else seemed content to just stand around in the heat… Heat + Hunger. Bad combination.
At the end of the day, I was sick-ish, with watery eyes, a runny nose and constant sneezing. I managed to somehow survive long enough to entertain Joanne, who stayed overnight at my place. She had to endure my constant nose-blowing and sneezing though. (Sorry, Jo!)
Lest it be thought that I’m blaming anyone for making me go and therefore be ill, let me say that I did enjoy seeing the grads. What, y’all think I’d miss your graduation when I could very easily make it? It was worth it, k. ;)

Sunday saw the grounds ablaze in orange, with a smattering of green and other colours – Engineering, Creative Multimedia and the FBL (business and law faculty I think) as well as the Diploma grads. I had more sense on Sunday, and ate something before heading to campus with the others. The weather was much better, too.
One thing all FCMers had to say about the graduation robes was this: Why is the FCM colour green? Really… Why couldn’t it have been yellow or silver? Or even purple, maybe. Sigh. But I suppose it’s better than orange. (I just don’t like the colour orange much. Hahahah)
Overall, it was just great fun to see all the seniors again and talk to them and take pics. :D

I can’t count the times people said to me: “Yours is next year, right?” or “Your turn’s coming soon!” or some variation of either of those phrases. Made me wonder… What’s it gonna be like to don the robes of graduation?

Got anything to add or say? :D