Europe 2013: Day 7

I realised that I haven’t finished blogging about my European trip last year. Oh well. Almost done though! There’s only Amsterdam left :)

Titling this “Day 7” because although we went to Amsterdam on this day (December 5), in the morning, Mum had to go present a paper at the conference in… some tiny tiny German town not far from Freiburg. I don’t remember where anymore. haha

Didn’t see much of the town except a few quiet roads near the conference venue. That yellow house really stands out…

In the room where the conference presentations were happening. Somehow it reminded me of my classes back in Edinburgh. Just something about the air and atmosphere… (This room looks much prettier than the room we had to use for Film Studies though…)

Saw this pretty dog waiting for its owner in a shop at the train station back in Freiburg.

The train journey to Amsterdam took 6 hours and followed the Rhine most of the way. Saw a few castles here and there as we zoomed past.

There were other interesting buildings along the way besides castles.

By the time we arrived in Amsterdam it was night. We didn’t have much time to do anything besides grab dinner and walk around a bit. Spotted a big Christmas tree being set up in the Dam Square, near our hotel.

The tree was being set up in front of the Royal Palace.

It was interesting to see how they had to cut the tree trunk down to size to fit the hole in the ground.

Quite a few people stood around in the cold to watch the tree being put in place.

Random cyclist and part of the view down Damrak

Got anything to add or say? :D