Iiiiish. Just lost my entire post because the connection decided to die on me when I tried to submit the post. X(

In brief, I’m in something of a “Disney” phase right now. Probably due to two reasons:

  1. Solo car rides to and from work. Been listening to a lot of Disney music, amongst other things. I admit, I sing along to the music too. It’s fun. So there. :P
  2. FYP. Since I’m considering doing 2D animation, I’ve been actively researching Disney art and animation. There’s no better example, I feel. :) Even if I don’t do 2D in the end, a lot of the principles can apply to 3D animation as well.

All that has, in turn, influenced my art of late. For whatever reason, I haven’t been feeling very “original” or anime-ish recently. But Disney is in, yo. Hahaha!


Remember the news in the papers lately about the leatherback turtles in Malaysia verging on extinction? I thought it’s so sad. :( Made me wanna draw Squirt from Finding Nemo. But Squirt alone didn’t look interesting. So I added Ariel. I’m also in something of a “traditional” art mood these days, hence the watercolour. Rather like how it turned out. =)

Go the Distance from “Hercules” is one of the songs that I love to hear and sing. (Some others include Out There, God Help the Outcasts, Reflection, One Jump Ahead, He Mele No Lilo, Cruella De Vil, Just Around the Riverbend, Out of Thin Air…) Anyway, Go the Distance inspired today’s effort at art. Don’t laugh:

It’s the first time in maybe a year that I’ve touched my poster paints. O_o (The scanner didn’t pick up the colours that well – the sky and mountains shouldn’t look so faded… Maybe I’ll fix it another day. Kinda late now.) Generally I prefer watercolour, but every now and then I feel like getting bolder, brighter colours. Poster paints also result in simpler pictures from me. Hahah… But I handle details better in watercolour. With poster colours it becomes very much more a colour- and shape-based piece. It doesn’t look quite as nice as I wanted it to, but it’ll do. I’m no Michaelangelo.

Got anything to add or say? :D