Sun, Sand and Sea

Living in the hustle and bustle of KL for so long has taken it’s toll on me, I think… Lately I’ve found myself missing the beach for no real reason other than I just miss it.


Maybe it’s a sign of subconscious homesickness. Hahaha…

I know a lot of my tastes are more “uptown girl” than anything else, but then there’s a part of me that just loves the sight of the beach, the hills, the sea. Islander, I am. :)

How else do you explain the stuff I bought recently?


The clothes, necklace, shoes… They all look like they’re meant to be worn to or could be worn to the beach. In trying to get away from the pinks and reds (I think I’ve had enough of those colours in my wardrobe at the moment), I somehow ended up with yellows, greens and blues.
I think I could have a whole beach outfit just from those – the beige blouse, the green/yellow/blue print skirt, plus the necklace and shoes. Add my white hat (hat, not cap – I don’t like caps; ahah) on top of that… Oh! It just occurred to me that my hat goes perfectly with those shoes… White, with that red flower on it! … Sorry. Too delighted with the imagination of the combination there. :P

Got anything to add or say? :D