GTF2013: Taking Off

Spent most of Saturday roasting myself alive at the Georgetown Festival opening event, Taking Off.

Taking Off - GTF 2013
This is one of my favourite pictures of the day. :D

I met up with Square and her boyfriend at around 11am and we decided to go try hunting for the cats (101 Lost Kittens).

Cat and Mouse
Well, we found the only two that are up so far (it seems that the other 10 won’t be up until June 22). There were lots of people around taking photos with the cat (and mouse). The car parked there was rather in the way too.

Pyramid of Cats
This one’s actually nicer than the other big cat, I think. haha I do have a picture of this without people around, but I like how the grey cat is framed by the girls.

We had lunch at Cozy in the Rocket, and then had ice-cream at China House before proceeding to Esplanade for Taking Off.

Look at the kites
Tiny kites up in the blue, blue sky.

String of kites

These kites were attached on a string to another one (that’s not in the frame here) and they’d bob up and down depending on the height of the one at the end.

Some of the kites up in the air that day, compiled into a gallery:

Theatre of Ships
The Theatre of Ships structure turned out to be rather underwhelming… Although perhaps it looks better by night when it’s lit up?

Free kites
There were free kites for anyone who wanted them. Small ones, made out of plastic. But sufficient for the purpose.

Lots of people
There was a rather carnival-esque atmosphere. And I was most relieved that the music blaring over the PA system was decent easy-to-listen-to pop music.

Lots of people took advantage of the free kites and tried their hands at kite-flying (click on the thumbnails to see bigger versions):

Father-daughter bonding
They had markers at the kite booths so that people could draw designs or write stuff on their kites. I’m sure that kids had fun with this (although there were older people who were happily scribbling on their kites too).

Designing a kite
Little boy absorbed in his kite design.

Looking up
It was a hot day. Blazing hot sun. I’m surprised that so many people turned up for this despite the heat.

This guy was trying to take a picture of his doggie with the guppy-shaped board they were giving out for free. Such an obedient dog it was too.

Such a cute doggie~

There was a drum circle too, but I don’t think my pictures of that are that fantastic. They should have timed the drum circle workshop better too, if they wanted people to stay back and participate in the official opening ceremony. Having it an hour and a half before the ceremony was quite silly. But that was the only silly thing about the whole event. (Thankfully. haha)  Good event overall.

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      1. Please can you email them to me or post it on our Facebook page – Tugu Drum Circle. We would love to have them as a document of the event. We will credit you for it. Thanks soo much, :-)

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