My Star Wars Books

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I’m trying to be a bit more orderly in sorting out my books this time round. That is, I’m creating a proper Excel file where I can list them all down. And I’m packing all the Star Wars books (that I don’t plan to take with me) in one box.

the books

So far I’ve counted approximately 32 Star Wars novels. (There are about 180 books on the two shelves.) I’m sure I have at least 4 more somewhere around – in another box, presumably – so the final count might be 36 or so. And why do I have so many? Because my friends don’t read them so I have no choice but to buy the books myself if I want to read them. :( (This habit may cease, depending on how future Star Wars movies affect the Expanded Universe… Or if they kill off my favourite characters…)

 Edit, 11.37PM: Make that 49 in all. I was missing more books that I thought. Found them all though. hahah

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  1. You can leave the box with me to randomly read. hahaha.

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