Exam Answers That Make No Sense


In grading two sets of exam papers, I came across quite a few odd answers…

Amplitude is a wave that show how fun or scary a move are.

What? hahahahah

The significance of [the game] Pong is to make users more friendly.

A game can make users more friendly? Okay.

Internet is a net that connected by the world using the same Internet at different area


World Wide Web means Internet not equal to Web

No comprendo.

Stages of production:
– Have mang waves or screen in the movie
– Learn how do works in the movie.
– Working movie from working edit film when camera.

What are mang waves?? o_O

When we demonitions not blood screen, so we cut out these screen from film of movie.

I… don’t get it from start to end. In fact, this one sounds kinda scary.

Fead also can use by scene and scene. If the scene has to change to the next scene, fead is the best way to use.


This is use close-up to show the litter boy face.


It likes shot, so named “spot”


On different camera moves:
Tilt meanning moves from this scene into these scene.
Dolly likes move water.

Moves from this scene into these scene? Move water? What?

This is all entertaining and somewhat distressing at the same time. haha


  1. Gosh.cant believe u have to put up with this.

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