Sydney – Day 3

Aquarium! Fireworks!
We went to the Sydney Sea Life Aquarium…

Here’s a platypus. It’s smaller than I imagined it would be. Picture’s sadly blurry but I didn’t manage to stand there long enough to catch a better photo.

Upside-down jellyfish. The tentacles look like plants. Interesting.

The insidious crown-of-thorns starfish. This starfish eats corals and is quite the plague in many places because they can decimate a reef really quickly.

I just like the lighting in this picture.

Moray eel looking all curled up over itself.

I had to do some poking around on the Net before I figured out what fish this was. It’s a bowmouth guitarfish. :D (It seriously bugged me that I didn’t know what this was called…)

Hi, dugong!

The Sydney Sea Life Aquarium has two dugongs, Pig and Wuru. I think this is Wuru? Couldn’t really tell the difference. hahah One was busy eating most of the time. They’re fed every 15 minutes during the day. That’s a lot.

Wuru again (I think).

Gorgeous eagle rays.


Darling Harbour view by night.

We’d heard there was to be a fireworks show at night so we waited there for it to begin. Apparently the Harbourview Mall sponsored a weekend fireworks show for that whole month. It turned out to be quite a nice one.


I tried out slow shutter speed mode on my camera – tricky to do without a tripod but the results were not half bad.

Pretty fireworks~

The wobbly lines are because my grip on the camera wobbled. haha

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