Sydney: Days 5 & 6

Days 5 and 6 go in one post because I don’t have many pictures for day 6 so might as well lump both days together.

On day 5, we rented a car to drive around. First stop –  the Sydney Fish Market.

It just looks like the seafood section in most grocery stores in the malls…

Malaysian baby octopi? I didn’t know we exported those.

Not Malaysian octopus, but I just like the photo :P

I wonder what these crabs taste like.

Oysters being cleaned.

There was a vegetable and fruit section. Here’s Ming posing with two huge bell peppers.

The thing I liked about the fruit/veggie section was the way they arranged the fruits and vegetables. They make them look so pretty!

I call this: “The Coconut’s Scream.”

Interesting spiral pattern on… some sort of vegetable. I forgot what.

There was a big pelican wandering around the parking lot.

After the fish market we went back into the city, parked somewhere and started walking around The Rocks and Circular Quay for a bit. Then we ended up at the Sydney Government House. I think they normally have free tours inside but we happened to go there on a day where there were no tours. Boo.

It’s like a little castle.

On Day 6 we went on a wine tour into Hunter Valley. I have minimal interest in wines and I’m not a wine connoisseur – there’s just white wine and red wine and I can’t tell one vineyard’s wine from another – so I was kinda bored after a while. (The whole situation was not helped by my being sick throughout this trip…)

A vineyard looking rather bare at the moment.

We stopped at this place called Hunter Valley Gardens for lunch. It’s like a sort of tourist village with some shops and restaurants and a couple of wineries around.

And it had “Aqua Golf.”

Dad gave it a shot.

Along the way we saw wild kangaroos!

This one was carrying a joey – see that bulge on the underside?

The kangaroos were the highlight of the day. hahah

Got anything to add or say? :D