Not Really Useful, Is It?

Sometimes, I look at the stuff I’m supposed to teach and I can’t help thinking:

Really? I’m wasting my time – and the students’ time – on this topic? It’s repetitive/ultimately not very useful.

I honestly do dislike how the education system has become such that institutions feel they must concoct more and more courses and in the end the subjects repeat each other and include theories that are really redundant and/or no use at all in actual practice. Why do the students need to learn FOUR different “creative process models” that, in the end, are almost exactly the same thing but worded differently?? You learn the creative process by doing. Not by reading notes on what the creative process is supposed to be…

And obviously the body that handles quality-checking of tertiary institutes doesn’t exactly pay much attention to the details otherwise all the redundancies (and outdated material) should have been avoided. 8-|


2 thoughts to “Not Really Useful, Is It?”

  1. Miss, I have a suggestion! Instead of grilling us with the they force you to give, toss us an exercise which allows us to practice all that stuff. :D
    Although don’t make us go through the compare these model of creative generating processes again. That was torture! And not everyone paid attention, just those who want to learn new stuff. Erk. Well, still have to think of a suitable alternative. Still better than the ‘let them read slides while I talk’ thing!
    Oh, and I finally saw the inktober posts. And I am not stalking you, I just saw this blog by chance.
    The funny thing was some of your slides contents were covered in our visual comm class during my first semester. I wonder why they make lecturers cover the same stuff; maybe they think we’re not paying attention in class or something.

    1. Well, whenever you do a project you’re already practicing those creative processes. So technically you’re already practicing it all by doing assignments. hahah

      Yes, they probably think you’re not paying attention. ;) (And they perhaps have nothing better to do than make us repeat each other…)

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