Sydney: Day 7 – Taronga Zoo

Taronga Zoo day! (Also the last full day in Sydney.)

You have to take a ferry from Sydney to Mosman. Then from the pier you can either catch the bus to the main entrance or take the cable car up.

Due to some mishaps, we ended up taking the cable car instead of the bus.

First up, koalas!

Grouchy-looking koala.

People say Taronga Zoo animals have the most gorgeous view of any zoo animals in the world. They’re probably right.

Giraffe munching leaves off a branch.

“Hello, humans!”
We caught the seal show.

Saw wallabies and emus and kangaroos. This one above is a wallaby. Wallabies are smaller than kangaroos and have shorter faces – and are therefore much cuter.

♪ Kookaburra sits on the old gum tree~ Merry, merry king of the bush is he~ ♪

The free-flight bird show is really cool. Here’s a trainer having the peregrine demonstrate its awesome speed for us. I was so lucky that I managed to freeze the motion in this shot, even if it’s not the best angle.

Timon? Is that you? Where’s Pumbaa?

Fennec foxes are kinda cute.

Tigers are majestic and elegant.

Sun bear: “Yo, what’s up?”

Sleeping binturong.

Pelicans and zookeepers. Pelicans are much bigger than I imagined them to be…

Had lunch at the cafe.There were birds wandering around, picking scraps off the floor and from tables.

The rest of my family left at this point to go shopping and I had another hour and a half to wander round the zoo. There really wasn’t much time, but I hurried round to get a look at the komodo dragon and some of the reptiles and amphibians. (I realised something – I feel less creeped out looking at snakes than I do looking at frogs or toads. Strange.)

I scurried back to catch the 3pm free-flight bird show. It was slightly different – a different trainer and a couple of different birds. No peregrine, for one. But just look at that beautiful view! The Sydney Opera House and Harbour Bridge and the Sydney skyline all in one!

I think this is a black cockatoo? Black parrot? Aargh, I can’t remember.

A vulture soars over the audience and into the arena.

The bird show closes with a flock of white parrots (or something) flying around and over the audience. So cool!

It makes me sad that I didn’t get to see the whole zoo properly, though I did get to see most of it. Oh well. At least I saw it. (Compared to completely missing the London Zoo and the Ueno Zoo…)

Got anything to add or say? :D