Thor 2: A Second Viewing


A second viewing allows for several things to happen – more enjoyment of the fun scenes, more time to observe the finer details of design and composition, and a closer look at the story and dialogue.

So, what did I get out of it? Briefly, 12 points:

  1. The good parts are even better the second time round, but at the same time, the flaws become even more obvious.
  2. My favourite scene is definitely the one where Thor breaks Loki out of prison. The delight bubbling forth from Loki (“This is so unlike you, brother! So clandestine! Are you sure you wouldn’t prefer to just punch your way out?”), and all that shape-shifting, and the Steve Rogers cameo (“I can feel the righteousness surging through me!”)… so much fun!
  3. Close on the heels of that scene is the part where Thor, Loki, and Jane burst out of the palace aboard a Dark Elf ship before switching it for an Asgardian one and dash off via one of Loki’s secret ways to Svartalfheim. The hilarious banter between Thor and Loki, and Loki’s finishing “ta-daaa~” when they pop out in Svartalfheim are priceless.
  4. Loki’s outfits – especially the one he wears in prison, sans the armour – are rather… Elven. Lord of the Rings-Elven. There’s a clean, sleek elegance that I quite like.
  5. Some of Frigga’s costumes look awkward.
  6. It felt a little cruel of Frigga to visit Loki in the dungeon as an apparition instead of going there herself. I badly wished she was there to actually take his hand when he reached out to her. But maybe she wasn’t allowed to go and visit him personally.
  7. Malekith is a dull villain, but this I have to say: he’s not the babbling type. He doesn’t give you long exposition before trying to kill you. He just gets straight to the point. Efficient sort, that fellow.
  8. The Dark Elves’ invasion of Asgard was so Star Was. The gun turrets shooting at the invading ships were very, very reminiscent of the Death Star tunnel run in A New Hope.
  9. I would have preferred for 90% of this story to have taken place in Asgard or Svartalfheim or Vanaheim or some other realm instead of Earth. I know Darcy is a popular character but I would have much preferred seeing Thor’s Asgardian friends in action.
  10. I wonder if the big Loki reveal at the end would have been more powerful if they had not included the scenes of the “guard” in Svartalfheim and then reporting to Odin – complete with ominous and totally obvious close-ups of the face. (As if the shimmering green effect on the spear in Svartalfheim wasn’t enough to tell people that it’s clearly not just any Asgardian guard.)
  11. Odin is not a very wise king or a wise father.
  12. The first bonus scene still strikes me as being a bit jarring because it feels more like Star Trek than anything else. (It is also faintly creepy.) However, it is intriguing. I need to go look up Tanaleer Tivan…



Got anything to add or say? :D