Let’s face it. I’m quite the Disney fan.

Leaving out the 3D ventures (both Pixar- and non-Pixar-related like Chicken Little), and some of the newer 2D works (never did see Brother Bear or Home on the Range), the older Disney animated features always held a sort of wonder for me. The storytelling, the art, the music. And geez, the emotion those animators could put into the characters! To this day, Dumbo remains the only animated film ever to make me cry. That’s probably the reason I almost dare not watch it now. :P

It wasn’t just the feature films for me, but also the Disney cartoons and shorts. My mother tells me I used to watch so much Donald Duck that she was worried I’d start talking like him. LOL. Fortunately I probably talk more like an Elf now than like a duck.

I was watching Discovery Travel’s documentary on the Disney theme parks on Thursday and Friday night. It was sort of nostalgic, especially when they talked about Disneyland Anaheim. But then I get nostalgic about it at the mere mention of the place – like when I read Terry’s blog post about Disneyland… Sigh. Eleven years on and I still can’t forget it. Still, I’m thankful I at least had the chance to go there once. Would be nice to go there again. I know if I ever go there again with my family, that’d be an object of some “discussion.” My dad would love to go to Nashville (country music, anyone?) and I think my mother would like to see New York. Not sure about my sisters, but as for me… Give me three days in Disneyland Anaheim (five days if it’s Disneyworld in Florida?) and I’ll be happy. Heh.

What? Don’t look at me like that. Back in ’95 they said it would take you 3 days to see and do everything in Disneyland. Now that it’s expanded, how many days do you think it would take? Add in the time I’d take to stand around and take photos…
But that’s beside the point already.

Thinking about it, perhaps my trip to the US was an early catalyst for the direction I took after school, artistic inclinations aside. The delightful place that is the Magic Kingdom (Disneyland la!) and the intriguing backlot tour of Universal Studios left a permanent impression on my ten-year-old mind. An impression that increased what interest I already had and that eventually landed me in the high-stress major of Film and Animation. Whee.

In all honesty, I probably don’t have enough talent at actual animation to keep myself interested in animation specifically. But… I really do love the pre-production side of it. That is, the planning, the concept art and design work. Even my lecturers know I’m better at it. (Ms Gillian recently told me that yea, it’s obvious. Ahah.) For now, though, I’ve enough interest to hopefully keep me going another two semesters. I hope. :P

Got anything to add or say? :D