Cinderella (and a Rant)

GSC is having a Disney Princess festival these few weekends, and I caught Cinderella last Saturday. Thoughts:

  • It was really nice seeing Mary Blair’s stylistic touches on the big screen. I haven’t watched Cinderella in, oh, maybe two decades? The last time I watched it I was obviously not at all aware of anything but the nice songs and the cute mice and Cinderella’s coach and gown. Now that I’m… much older… I can appreciate different aspects of it, and the Mary Blair aesthetic is one.
  • Cinderella is… kind of silly. She’s sweet and kind, but silly. Really. Think about it. When she found out about the prince wanting to marry the girl who’ll fit the glass slipper, she just stood there with this dazed, dreamy look on her face as her stepsisters piled laundry in her arms. Then she handed the laundry back and proceeded to hum music and almost float her way back up to her room in the tower – whilst stepsisters and stepmother watched. I was struck by how stupid her actions were at that point. If she hadn’t suddenly lapsed into that hazy state, she would never have been locked in her room when the Grand Duke arrived.
  • Pretty gowns on the girls at the ball. I like those. Makes my hand itch to draw random gowns like those. (… Ah yes. I remember this feeling. Disney movies are a biiiig part of the reason I drew anything at all when I was young. I remember drawing lots of stuff inspired by Cinderella and The Little Mermaid.)
  • The mice really do drive the story. The human characters are bland-ish. Most of the personality was injected into the sidekicks – the mice, the cat, the fairy godmother.
  • The pace of Cinderella is markedly more relaxed than most animated movies today. It’s so different now!
  • This bit of dialogue between the Grand Duke and the King was hilarious: “But, Sire, this slipper might fit any number of girls!” “That’s his problem.”

Now for the rant…

My experience of the movie was rather spoiled by the person sitting next to me: a woman with her young daughter, who didn’t look more than five. This woman insisted on giving a running commentary to her kid throughout the movie. Imagine watching a movie and having to hear things like this the whole time: “Tengok tikus tu – comel ka? … Hahaha, buntut dia besar! … Ah, itu pari-pari. Fairy! … Oh, dia cabut lari sebab dia nak balik rumah… Sikit lagi – nak habis dah…” ARGH.

It was like that through the WHOLE movie. I gritted my teeth and tried to bear it. I kept telling myself: “Can’t blame the kid, can’t blame the kid…” But at the same time I thought: “But I can blame the mother.” She of all people must know that her child cannot sit still and cannot yet comprehend everything going on. The girl was chatting throughout too – asking questions, standing up, sitting down.

I really can’t understand why people bring their little little kids to the cinema when their children obviously are not at an age where they will sit still and pay attention in relative quiet. When I went to watch Mulan, there was a little Korean boy behind me who was fidgety and who was also not really able to pay attention to the movie, but to his parents’ credit, they at least shushed him and didn’t think about narrating the whole story to him. This woman, however, (and the parents who brought their infant to the 9pm screening of Thor 2) has NO sense.

I’m beginning to think that paying almost RM20 for Premiere class screenings would be worth it just so I can watch a movie without having to deal with utterly senseless and inconsiderate parents. I thought KL-ites would be a little bit more sensible about this than Penangites, but I was wrong. The only thing that’s different is the language. It was Mandarin or Hokkien in Penang, it’s Malay in KL. :|


Got anything to add or say? :D