Hello, 2014

Have one of my better pictures from my all-too-short “artistic high” last November/December:

playing pretend

Wonder where the kid got the pirate outfit from…

I’ve been wanting to post but after a pretty exhausting December which included a mad, mad rush to grade papers, a week of just packing and moving and falling sick during that time, a friend’s wedding, and three weeks of no solution to an issue with the most useful WordPress plugin, my blogging mood has kind of gone away.

I’ve been trying to figure out the problem with the Jetpack plugin but to no avail. I’ve even been exchanging e-mails with the plugin’s tech team and my web host in attempts to fix it but apparently nothing works and this really annoys me because now I’ve lost my best source of blog statistics and extra gallery features and all. The e-mail exchanges went like this:

Jetpack tech (on day 1): Can you ask your web host to try doing ABCD?

Me to web host: Can you try ABCD?

Web host: Ok, we’ve done ABCD.

Me to Jetpack tech: It’s done, but the plugin still doesn’t work.

Jetpack tech (reply comes 1-2 days later): Can you ask your web host to try EFGH?

Me to web host: Could you please try EFGH?

(Repeat from line 3).

I’ve just about given up because obviously the Jetpack plugin hates me and has just decided to cease working. I didn’t do anything to it except update WordPress and the plugin techs insist that there can’t be a problem with WordPress and the plugin because it has been “extensively tested.” Yeah, whatever. It suddenly stopped working for me and there seems to be no solution. x(


I tried to draw just now and everything came out kind of horrible. Even a doodle came out poorly. :( I can’t think of anything interesting to blog about. I haven’t been taking photos (because I haven’t been going anywhere photo-worthy). I haven’t watched any movies since Desolation of Smaug. I’m just kind of… blank. Not exactly the best start to the blogging year.

Got anything to add or say? :D