My Valentine’s Day Date… with Fish.

Went to the S.E.A. Aquarium again and spent around 4 hours there with my camera.

I have to say it would’ve been more enjoyable with less Chinese tourists around… There were so many and they were so noisy. Also, the children were quite rude. For example, there was a little boy holding an iPad mini who rudely shoved me aside because he wanted to take a photo of the starfish. His mother was standing right behind him and she said nothing. Ugh. Sooo rude. There was also a tank with a barrier and small raised platform in front of it, but several mothers encouraged their kids to go under the barrier and onto the platformSo there were four or five little boys and girls on that platform, pressing themselves up against the glass. I’m pretty sure the barrier is there to prevent that sort of behaviour… *shakes head*

There was a viewing panel to one of the dolphin lagoons so you could watch some of their Indopacific bottlenose dolphins swim around and interact with the trainers (when the trainers were there).

Ok, can this be my birthday present next year?
Saw a few visitors enjoying the dolphin experience package. If anyone’s taking notes, I would like this as my birthday present next year, please. Also acceptable as a Christmas gift.

I’m extremely happy with how these two jellyfish photos turned out. :D

And all the rest of the pictures:

Got anything to add or say? :D