A-Z: The Amethyst Rain

I don’t know if I can manage the A-Z Challenge this year, since I’ve got so many things to do for work these days. But here’s a start, and here’s to hoping I manage to keep it up. *raises wine glass* (And if I don’t manage it… Well, it’ll just be a random story sitting around. haha)


Far, far away in a castle on the Moon, there lived the Moon Princess and the Jade Bunny. One day, the Jade Bunny awoke to find that all the clouds were purple. The Jade Bunny immediately hopped away to wake the Moon Princess (who, as you might have guessed, was not exactly a morning person).

The Jade Bunny dragged away the princess’s comfortable blanket and thumped its foot the pillow, right next to her sleeping face, until she woke up.

“What?” The princess yawned.

“Princess! Come and see the purple clouds!” (Yes, the Jade Bunny talks.)

“Purple clouds? Don’t be silly, Bunny. Everyone knows clouds are pink.” The Moon Princess turned away from the Jade Bunny and tried to pull the blanket back over her head. Jade Bunny was having none of that, and sat stubbornly on the blanket, preventing her from taking it back.

“They’re purple, I tell you!”

Somewhat annoyed and bleary-eyed, the Moon Princess got up and went to the window. To her surprise, the clouds were indeed purple. She stared at them.

“But – but why are they purple? They should be pink!”

“Seeeee,” said the Jade Bunny.

The Moon Princess dressed hurriedly and went out into the garden, with Jade Bunny at her side.

“What can these purple clouds mean?” asked the princess.

A calm voice answered her. “They are an omen of strange things to come.”

The princess and the bunny both gave a start and spun round.

“Prince! You scared me!” said the Moon Princess.

“And me!” said the Jade Bunny.

The Storm Prince smiled. “Sorry.”

“You don’t look sorry at all,” muttered the bunny.

The Storm Prince looked up at the clouds. “There is a saying – or a prophecy, if you like – that goes:

Purple clouds will bring amethyst rain,

                    And then on the Moon, strange things again.

It’s in the Great Book of the Sky. Have you never read it?”

“No,” said the bunny. “And if you ask me, something sound’s wrong with the grammar of those lines.”

“Yes,” said the princess. “But I don’t remember that.”

“It’s in the appendices,” explained the prince.

“What? Who reads the appendices?” The Jade Bunny had always thought the Storm Prince was a little bit eccentric. Now it was sure of it.

“It’s not raining yet, though,” the princess said, holding a hand out as though waiting to feel rain drops falling.

“Clouds won’t let rain fall when they’re being watched.”

The Moon Princess gave him an odd look. “You’re strange.”

“My thoughts exactly,” said the Jade Bunny with a nod.

The Storm Prince laughed. “Maybe I am. Would you like to come over for breakfast anyway? I’m having green eggs and ham for breakfast.”

The Moon Princess hesitated. “I’m not very fond of green eggs.”

“You can just have some ham then. Those aren’t green.”

“Will there be carrots?” asked the bunny.

“I have carrot cake,” said the prince.

“Let’s go,” said the bunny.

So off they went to the Storm Prince’s castle, and they arrived there just as the amethyst rain began to fall.

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