Japan 2014: Day 1 (2) – Yoyogi Park

It’s a good thing I decided to go round the corner from the Meiji Shrine entrance next to the Harajuku Station because otherwise we wouldn’t have found the rockabilly club.

Not many people around, but it had been rather drizzly before so it was fun to see at least a few of them around. (They gather in Yoyogi Park on weekend afternoons.)

There were numerous other tourists standing around taking pictures of the rockabilly club dancing.

They really go all out – the jeans, the jackets, the hair!

It’s quite interesting to see people who really just do what they like – who cares what other people think?

These two with their brightly-patterned shirts, reminded me of yankii (delinquents) or yakuza (or at least as both types are sometimes presented in Japanese TV dramas).

, a type of hydrangea. So interesting!

Yoyogi Park seems to be a favourite with musicians. This lady was practising the trumpet in the park. And doing quite well, I’d say.

This band was playing under the trees.

A view of the park.

Another view of the park. Soooo pretty. I like Japanese parks. So much green, such lush trees, lovely water elements…

Teenagers having fun.

I don’t even know… hahahaha


These guys were playing some Caribbean-ish music.

Headed back to the hotel to rest in our room (which turned out to be much larger than I expected and really quite pretty).

Went for a short stroll in the Shinjuku area nearby our hotel. Nights were nice and cool~ Pity my feet were always just falling apart by night… (The blue sign indicates that it’s a karaoke club. There were lots of those. haha)


Got anything to add or say? :D