Japan 2014: Day 2 – Tokyo

Day 2 consisted mainly of the Ueno area. My sisters are collectors of Hard Rock Cafe pins and there is a branch in the Ueno station so there we went. Spent a looong time there over their pins and then had lunch at Hard Rock Cafe before going to Kappabashi, “a shopping street between Ueno and Asakusa, which is lined with several dozens of stores selling everything needed by restaurant operators, with the exception of fresh food” (to quote japan-guide.com).

It was pretty cloudy, which made for dull colours in pictures, but meant the weather was nice for walking. heh

This chef’s head atop the Niimi building is the icon of Kappabashi, and if you see it, you know you’re there. Yay for obvious landmarks!

Teacup balconies? Interesting!

Sadly, the rest of it wasn’t thaaat interesting. (In terms of being photogenic, that is. I’m reluctant to sneak photos inside shops because some don’t allow photography and some do and it can be hard to tell whether you’re allowed to or not if the signs aren’t in conspicuous places.)

A rubber band wholesaler? I think? So many colours!

From Ueno, we went to Sensoji in Asakusa. I’d been there before but that was on a Sunday and the place was faaaar more packed with people then. This was a Monday, so it was much less crowded.

Compare: Sunday in 2012 vs Monday in 2014 (above pic)

Sensoji’s grand gate.

The smaller crowd allowed for much easier movement and much easier photography. But once inside the temple, it wasn’t very different from the temples we get here at home (although neater and with a slightly more minimalist aesthetic) so I didn’t take many pictures.

There was this old fellow who was just sitting around with his pet dog – a large white dog that was remarkably obedient. And no, he wasn’t a beggar. He was happily allowing passers-by to pet his dog and to take pictures with it without asking for any money. That was interesting. I marvel at the obedience of the dog… So well-trained!

A reverse look at the Sensoji gate – pic taken from halfway up the stairs to the temple.

Hmmm. I’m guessing the smoke is blessed or holy or cleansing or something. People were kind of fanning the smoke onto themselves…

Mother and daughter in yukata. (I started to wonder how many pictures Yang, Danny and I appeared in unknowingly when we were all dressed up in Kyoto back then.)

Selfie time! Ah, Japan. Land where people go about in cosplay just for the heck of it.

Cute sign. hahah

Walked under a tree, looked up and gasped. Big yellow yuzu fruit!

LOL. I didn’t expect to see this. This is the Asahi Flame, which some people say looks like… something else. hahahah

Took my mother to see Shibuya so she could witness and experience the madness that is the Shibuya crossing. And to see the Shibuya109 mall. And to find Tokyu Hands and Loft.

A quieter road in the Shibuya area, with blue lights in the trees.

Shibuya crossing by night.

Got anything to add or say? :D