Japan 2014: Day 4 – Disneyland


This would’ve been so much more fun if: (1) Space Mountain had been open (ARGH foiled againnn) and (2) I hadn’t missed most of the main parade. :(



The centrepiece in the World Bazaar was this tanabata thingy.

People leaving their wishes on the special racks (should be a special bamboo tree, really, but I don’t think you could hang so many on a normal – vertical – bamboo tree) in accordance with tanabata.

Cinderella’s Castle~ It’s soooo pretty.

Explored Toontown. This is Goofy’s wacky house exterior.

Chip ‘n’ Dale’s Tree House. I don’t remember this from last time… It may be new. *scratches chin thoughtfully*

Not much inside the tree house, but I like cute little details like these.

Chip and Dale have a lovely view from their home.

I’m not sure what this is… A duty roster? haha

Hahah, Toon insurance. (“We Cover Toons For Any Permanent Injury Caused By: Hoffoots, Explosions, Falling Off Cliffs, TNT Disguised as Cigars, Getting Hit on the Head, Booby Trapped Gift Boxes, Falling Anvils-Safes-Piano, Getting Run Over by Steamrollers, Smashing into Brick Walls Disguised as Tunnels.” No wonder they’re out of business. And what are hoffoots??)

Random violin in a wagon in Westernland.

We went on the Star Tours motion sim ride! Ackbar, is that you? Or is this a trap?? D:

They had a board displaying “flight departures” in Aurabesh and in English. It was fun seeing the display read “Chandrila” and “Corellia” and all the rest. Yay, Star Wars!

A security check droid? I liked how the screens around it were showing heat map images of the people in the queue.

We went on Splash Mountain too. Waited 45 minutes in line (which sounds awful, but when you consider that the last time I came here the wait time was 3 hours… 45 mins is nothing). This later turned out to be a mistake as there was a delay at the end of the ride and we ended up missing most of the Happiness is Here parade. :(

The camera is in the tree stump on the left. Didn’t notice it when we were actually on the ride, but you can see the camera flash when you stand outside and watch people come down the slide.

OH haha we were in a “boat” with four teenagers (or college-age students?) and it was so funny listening to them. The ride goes down slopes a couple of times and at the first slope, one of the boys in front exclaimed (in Japanese), “Wait what- really? NOW??” He thought it was the main drop. xD

We left Splash Mountain and barely caught the tail end of the Happiness is Here parade. I regret this greatly. It seems nicer than the Jubilation! parade I watched 2 years ago. :(

Rabbit waves to the crowd.

Mary Poppins goes bobbing down the road on her carousel horse.

Mary is followed by Bert.

Marching band.

We decided to sit and wait for the next parade – “Tanabata Greetings.” I was somewhat puzzled by this because I knew that their next major parade wouldn’t begin for a few days yet, and the spring/Easter-themed parade had just closed a couple of days before. But I figured oh well, maybe they’ve got some interim parade. And anyway there were plenty of others sitting down waiting for it too.

This duck decided to investigate the waiting visitors.

Look at all the shoes on display!


The duck stole someone’s french fries!

I saw this little girl dressed up as Belle, and got a rather amusing series of pictures of her.

“Okay, okay. Deep breaths. I’m a princess. Got my crown, got my sceptre. Nothing to worry about.”

“It is no concern of mine whether or not your family has… What was it again?” *

“Umm… Food?”

“Ha! You really should have thought of that before you became peasants!” *

* Dialogue from Emperor’s New Groove.

“Ok, we’re done here.”

The Tanabata Greetings parade was really… underwhelming. Kind of a nothing, in fact. It really was a “filler” parade – in-between the major parades.

Minnie’s dress was quite nice. I just don’t much like that pink colour.

jp04-29 jp04-30
The Disney princesses and princes followed behind, occasionally stopping to chat with little children.

jp04-33 jp04-32 jp04-31

Hmmm. Why no Mulan and Shang? Or Tiana and Naveen? :(

Dropped by Adventureland (which I didn’t manage to see properly the last time) and had a look at the Swiss Family Robinson tree house. Again, I like the details that go into the displays.

What do you call these things? Tiki?

jp04-36 We also went up to Cinderella’s Castle. Look at the pretty mosaic picture!

jp04-37There wasn’t much inside the castle except for rather charming recreations of the scenes from the movie. Like this one! The birds with the ribbons around the dress actually go around it so it almost looks like they’re tying the ribbons on – just like in the movie :) (As I recall, I used to draw versions of this scene. A lot.)

jp04-38 jp04-39
All the recreations were in different mediums, but this was my other favourite: Cinderella’s entrance to the ball rendered in paper. Loooove how they made the gowns!

The throne room had a throne on which you could sit, and a place for you to pose with the glass slipper.

jp04-40 “Mommy, wait! It’s my turn to try it on!”

Princess on the throne. Wrong princess, though. haha Belle, you belong elsewhere!

It started pouring rain not too long after that but we were fortunately in the World Bazaar section. After hanging around there for some time, I decided that the rain wasn’t going to let up soon and the night parade and fireworks probably wouldn’t happen. So we left. And when we reached the station, it stopped raining. Grrrrr.

Sigh. At least I got to go on the Buzz Lightyear ride. And Splash Mountain. And Star Tours. Space Mountain, I must and will try you SOON.


Got anything to add or say? :D