Japan 2014: Day 6 – Kyoto

I skipped a day because apparently I only took about 4 photos the entire day. Not sure how that happened… I’m struggling to remember what I did that day. Checked out of hotel, hopped on bullet train from Tokyo to Kyoto, took a cab to our Kyoto hotel, and went shopping? I think? D: Man, it feels like there’s a blank in my memory. I assume we went shopping since I don’t have pics. haha

Kamogawa, it’s been a while!

Not sure what this guy’s selling…

I liked the tree-lined path on the other side of the river. I didn’t walk this way the last time I came.

Sitting by the river… (Hmm, I think they’ve paved over the path now? See my previous photo of the riverside from my last trip.)

jp05-05A grey heron in the river.

Riverside buildings.

Some confused leaves. It’s not autumn yet, y’know. haha

I think this is a little egret? I was trying to compare my pics of the birds to online databases. It’s not that easy unless the birds are very unusual-looking.

jp05-09 A black crowned night heron.

Hydrangea growing behind a house across the river. Such pretty colours!

Yasaka-jinja, we meet again! You look quite different by day…

The bunny statue is so cute!

Saying prayers at Yasaka-jinja.

I thought this kimono (or yukata?) was so pretty!

jp05-15 Yasaka is prettier at night, I think. It feels totally different when the lanterns are lit.

Went through Yasaka and explored Maruyama Park for a bit. I really really liked this scene.

Water, (green) trees… So serene~

Statues of Sakamoto Ryoma and Nakaoka Shintaro framed rather nicely by the foliage.

Then we went to walk through the shopping street, starting with Sanjo-dori, the nearest section to our hotel. I was very amused by the street’s mascot, Sanjotori, because it was a clear play on the name Sanjo-dori. Sanjo-dori = something like “third street”; tori = the word for “bird”, and usually refers specifically to chicken (especially when seen in menus). So Sanjo-dori’s mascot is Sanjo the Bird. hahaha

Part of the street. I like how it’s all covered. Provides shelter from the elements, whether it’s sun or rain or snow.


Got anything to add or say? :D