Japan 2014: Day 9 – Osaka

Last day in Japan. :(

jp09-01Poked around Dotonbori by day. Significantly less crowded.

It’s remarkable how clean a busy street like that can be…

Glico Man by day

Mum and I went to the Namba Station to check out transport options to get to the airport. We couldn’t send our luggage via the delivery service because apparently for airport transfers you have to send it three days earlier. The hotel reception wasn’t too helpful when we asked about getting to the airport via taxi, but I think maybe that was because we were unfortunate in talking to an older staff member instead of one of the younger ones who would be better at speaking English. All he did was tell us the insanely expensive price of a taxi to the airport. I poked around online and looked at tourist info booklet we’d picked up to find other options and the booklet informed me that the Rapi:t β Limited Express takes less than an hour to get to the airport, has a much more reasonable price, and it leaves from Namba, which is about 10 minutes’ walk from our hotel. GREAT. Now why couldn’t the guy at reception have told us that? -_-
So anyway, to Namba we went. Inquired at the tourist info centre, made our way to the ticket office to buy the rapid express tickets, and traipsed back to the hotel.

Walked through the covered walkways of Shinsaibashisuji and realised this was a better option than walking on the main street. Nicely paved and covered. Wonderful – that would make it even easier to pull our bags along with us to the station.

This is the Rapi:t β Limited Express train. (Ours was at a later time, but it looked just like this one.) Quite pretty looking!

A train attendant…? Actually, I don’t know what her purpose was. She just stood there and bowed at people.

The train’s interior. It looks a bit like the interior of an airplane. Only waaaaay more comfortable with more leg space and height. And you don’t have to turn off your electronic devices and buckle in and so on. I think there was a plug point to use as well, but I can’t recall for sure.

The sun was setting as our train sped along to the airport, making a few stops along the way.

Bye, Osaka! I shall come again! Soon, I hope.

(And hopefully I’ll have improved my Japanese a little bit more if and when I go again. I do think that my spoken Japanese has improved marginally after this trip. Now I need to learn how to properly order food and read menus… And commit katakana to memory properly!)


Got anything to add or say? :D