Lucy is a prime example of a movie where all the best parts were shown in the trailer and there was absolutely nothing else of interest outside of those few minutes.

Scarlett Johanssen is Lucy, a student in Taiwan, who gets duped by a guy she’s dated for a week into delivering a mysterious briefcase to a Korean gangster called Mr Jang. She ends up having the drugs sewn into her stomach and is forced to become a drug mule along with three other men. When she gets kicked in the abdomen by one of the gangsters (who may or may not be working for Mr Jang – I don’t know; that part was a bit muddled), the bag of drugs inside her breaks and the new drug leaks into her system. It begins to enhance her brain power and she starts to turn into one of the X-Men…

Well, not literally one of the X-Men. But it sure did seem like it. She developed powers of telepathy, psychokinesis and goodness knows what else, and was basically omnipotent by the end of the movie. The ending of the movie fell a bit flat , although I assume we were supposed to be awed by it. But nope. No such awe.

It felt like Lucy was 1/4 action, 1/4 pure computer-animated simulations of neurons and drugs and stuff darting through the human system, 1/4 montages of videos meant to reflect the narrative in some metaphorical or symbolic way, and 1/4 just people talking. Half of the speech in the movie was dialogue, the other half was exposition. I thought the use of the montages and cut-aways – like with the antelope and cheetah clips to show how Lucy was being caught in a trap – was rather too heavy-handed and largely unnecessary.

That just about sums up what I thought of the movie. Meh.


Got anything to add or say? :D