Today I’m Skipping Work.


Yea, right.

I’m not at work today, but I’ve legitimate reason – took leave because I had to go to campus for internship de-briefing, the first part of which felt more like a big class reunion than anything else.

“Hel-lo! How ya? … Hahahaha – you look sleepy!”

“Andrew! Heyyz!”

“Heyya. How’re you? Sometimes I message you online you don’t ‘layan’ me wan!”
“… Er, I’m not home in the daytime usually.”
“Hahaha… I know leh.” :P


“Eh, how was Twisted?”
*thumbs up sign*
“Ah, I see. Cool, cool.”

“Working in Astro, right? Wooo… Means you can get the Astro Max for free!”
“Huh? Free? As if.”

Our new dean from Canada had a class in the E-theatre after our de-briefing, so he came into our session and just said a few words before we ended. I think we were more interested in listening to him than to the internship coordinator (who is now rather disliked by quite a number of people for his rude manner of answering – or giving non-answers to – questions through Y!M about our internship and presentation details).

Went to our respective studios after that for briefings about our Final-Year Project (FYP) and thesis. Been a while since I saw that purple room… Heh.

Seeing the lecturers/tutors again really rams home the fact that it’s TIME. The more they talked about it, the less keen on it I felt. Drilling it into us at the end of last semester (earlier than any other major) and leaving it to ‘haunt’ us the whole of this semester not enough ah? It’s good in a way that they told us early so we have more time to think over our ideas but at the same time… Well. Maybe it’s just me being high-strung.

My coming holidays are probably not gonna feel much like holidays. :(

But as Project Runway’s Tim Gunn says, “Make it work.”

Got anything to add or say? :D