Old Inspirations

When I was last back home (for CNY), Mum had some of her old school books out and I flipped through them, feeling very nostalgic because I’d read the stories in them soooo many times. Some struck me more than others because I saw the pictures and remembered immediately how they made me want to draw characters like these:

A pretty fairy! (And I think it’s this one that made me draw draping sleeves like that for a long time after.)

I think this lady was supposed to be Spring. Loved the hair. And oooh, I never noticed the bunnies in the background before! :P

Side note: I’m blogging so little nowadays… Partly because I’m aware that I now teach in a place where the students half exist in the online world and for all I know they like to look up their lecturers online and might discover my blog, so it seems a bit unwise to talk too much about my job or my life. (I’m a private person and don’t really like everyone to know everything about me.) Need to watch more movies so I can talk about those – that’s a safe topic. haha

Got anything to add or say? :D