Japan 2015: Day 3 (1) – Kitano Tenmangu

On day 3 (March 10), I moved from Tokyo to Kyoto.

Tokyo on a Monday morning was looking grey and cold.

Somewhere along the way, there was snow. It looks static here because of my camera’s shutter speed but the snow was practically going horizontal in the wind.

So much snow in places…

And then suddenly, none.

Clouds hang heavy over distant hills dotted with snow.

Upon arriving in Kyoto, I got two day passes for the city bus from the tourist information centre, and took a taxi to my hotel and checked in. I was dismayed to discover that the room temperature control was… nearly non-existent and all I could control was basically fan speed of low, medium, and high. But the temperature was set to what felt like 28°C and I couldn’t change that. In the end I had to open the window a bit to let in the cold air to balance the temperature whenever I was in the room. Thank goodness the windows could be opened. And thank goodness it was cold outside.

First thing I did after settling in was head to Kitano Tenmangu, where there’s supposed to be a grove of plum trees. (Plum trees bloom earlier than cherry trees so there was a chance it would be pretty to look at.)

If I’d come by earlier in the day perhaps all the festive-looking stalls would’ve been open.

Setting sun beyond the plum trees. (Look at that lens flare!)

Couldn’t get into the plum tree garden – you have to pay an entrance fee, and it was already closed by the time I got there – but I got a few shots over the fence. Didn’t look like the trees were in full bloom yet so probably wouldn’t have been worth the fee anyway.

Some close-ups. Yay for zoom lens!

jp15_3-11 Plenty of other plum trees around the temple compound anyway. And plenty of people snapping their own shots all round.

Approaching the main temple complex.

Distracted by plum trees. haha I like the dramatic angle here :)

Large lanterns

I headed back to Shijo Kawaramachi as it turned dark and then it started snowing. o_o Can you see the white streaks? That’s the snow falling… I’d been feeling like my fingers would freeze right off ever since I got off the bus at Kitano Tenmangu and when it began to snow I suddenly understood the cold, cold air. The cold prevented me from taking more pictures at Kitano Tenmangu than I would’ve liked to as every time I took my hands out of my pockets… all I could think was “COLD COLD COLD FINGERS COLD”.

There’s a new pet shop and the puppies were so cute. Such darlings~~~

After walking around for a bit, I then hopped on another bus to go to see the Hanatouro… Which I shall talk about in my next blog post.

Got anything to add or say? :D