Japan 2015: Day 7

Didn’t do many photo-worthy things today. Travelled from Kyoto back to Tokyo via bullet train, checked in at the Ryumeikan again and went out for some shopping. I needed to look for a bag I could use as carry-on luggage as I’d bought so many things from Uniqlo (some for my sisters, some for myself) that I would have to take them as carry-ons in case the customs officers wanted to see the products when I presented my passport plus all the GST claims at the airport. I also wanted to go check out an art store in Shinjuku…

First, I hurried off to Ginza. Never been to that area before and was completely reliant on Google Maps.

Look, another corgi in Ginza! And it was wearing sunglasses. lol. (There were actually two but I couldn’t get a picture of the other one.)

Apparently this building, the Ginza Wako, is one of Ginza’s icons. (Ginza is Tokyo’s most famous upscale shopping district. Lots of luxury brands have stores here.)

Random office buildings.

Mascot for something or other, posing for pictures with people.

When the doors of this train opened… I immediately decided there was no way I was going to squeeze myself into that. I decided to wait for the next one. hahah

Art store Sekaido! This also took some searching as I wasn’t sure which Shinjuku Station exit to use and it was on the side of Shinjuku I’d never seen before… But Google Maps is a great friend and I managed to find it without too much trouble. I was rather disappointed that Sekaido didn’t carry Copic markers, but I got myself some Japan-made brushes, Japanese paper, and some shiny paint. I was feeling tired so I decided I wouldn’t bother looking for Copics this trip.

The end. Yeah, not a very exciting day.

Got anything to add or say? :D