We were given a “workbook” at Day 1 of this training thing. This was on one of the first pages:

When I was back in my cubicle during the lunch break (doing anything but eating lunch because I had many things to attend to that I could not attend to because of the training) I showed it to one of my colleagues and she burst out laughing and said, “That is so ironic!”

It really makes you wonder at the logic of it. Even the trainer admits that 80% of people who take such training sessions are doing it because they have to – for KPI or compelled to by their superiors or whatever. So, clearly, programmes like this exist to do anything but make people happy?

Two more days of this. :( And the sessions contain nearly everything I detest – dull topics, childish games and activities, “performances” (group dances and roleplay skitsI really loathe acting). The trainer is lively and she’s trying her best but… Well, I have had Math teachers in school that I liked but it didn’t make me like the lessons or the topics any better. (Conversely, I have had boring English teachers but English was always my favourite subject simply because it was the easiest and it didn’t matter to me who taught it. haha)

I really need a good weekend after this.


Got anything to add or say? :D