Silliness in the Exam Hall

I was on invigilation duty a couple of times last week. In one exam, a girl raised her hand to ask a question and I went over to her. She pointed at the section of her paper labelled “Section C: Essay Questions” and then pointed to one of the questions, which asked them to discuss 5 points of something or other.

Student: Can I write [the answers to this] in point form?

Me: *stares* No.

Student: But it won’t be confusing ah? ‘Cause got 5 things [to write about].

Me: *stares even harder, one eyebrow raised* …Write 5 paragraphs??

Student: Ohhhhhh. Ok ok.

When people ask questions like that, it just makes you question how they survived secondary school.

Then later there was another girl who’d finished and wanted to leave. I went over and saw that on the cover of her answer booklet, she had not written any table number, nor her student ID, nor her name. (There’s a section in the top right corner where their names and IDs should to be written, and they’re supposed to fold it down and seal it.) Out of the goodness of my heart (haha, more like out of consideration for my poor colleague who would’ve had to hunt down the name list and sort through the stack of 100+ exam papers to figure out who that belonged to), I pointed out the blanks to girl and she said, “OHH,” and hurriedly filled it all in. *rolls eyes* Seriously. Hand in an answer booklet with no identification whatsoever? Who does that???

2 thoughts to “Silliness in the Exam Hall”

  1. Would your colleague really go hunt down the name?
    I would’ve thought she’d just get zero. That’s what the lecturers at TARC used to threaten us anyway.

    1. Yes, she would. Because it’s quite likely we’d be discouraged from failing students just because they didn’t put identification on ther exam papers…

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