Fanfiction Plot

I am rather enjoying all the random Star Wars-related discussion I have with various people. I may not adore the movie, but it sure is good for conversation!

Putting this snippet from a chat with Day here so I don’t forget it. I was so amused…

Day: Maybe Kylo underperformed [in the final fight with Rey] because he gets nervous around women

Y (me): But initially he dealt with her just fine? He could literally freeze her in place and make her pass out

D: That’s before he realized his physical attraction to her – or at least that’s what might be said in a psychosexual analysis of the movie haha
After all, his nerves begin to show after he “reveals” himself to her. And fight scenes can be read as a sort of stand-in for intimacy

Y: I feel like there will probably be (if there isn’t already) a fanfic that does exactly what you say
In this fanfic, Kylo would find himself terribly attracted to her latent force powers as well as her looks and fighting prowess
And he will find himself more drawn to the light side as a result
Snoke will promptly say he now has to kill Rey
Kylo Ren will then suffer agonies of conscience and heart
Before ultimately meeting Rey in a fight and discovering that he cannot bring himself to do it
Falls to his knees and begs Rey to kill him
But of course she doesn’t and they run off together – he reforms, and repents of course
The end

D: Sounds like it writes itself! Probably already has been written haha

Y: This would become very disturbing if in later movies we discover that they are siblings

Got anything to add or say? :D