St Giles’ Cathedral


Two Saturdays ago I spent a day out with my flatmate, Heba (art history Ph.D. student!). My main purpose was to drop by the National Library to check out some books for my Research Methods assignment. After that we went for a walk around the area, and the first place we went to was the St Giles’ Cathedral.

Admission was free, but photography was not. It cost £2 to take photos (indoors). Boo. But anyway I took nearly 140 photos so that’s not too bad. :P (Well, more actually, but I threw out the really blur ones, so that’s roughly the number of decent-looking pictures I have.)

Here’s some!

Obviously, there were stained glass windows.

A pipe organ…

A couple of memorial thingies for some important (I think?) people who were beheaded nearby. …Yea.

Clan/family arms? I don’t know; there weren’t any labels.

For some reason the floor tiles remind me of Penang.

Stained glass windows make pretty reflections.

Angel holding a shell? Ignore the ugly wooden stuff behind it – they were doing some restoration work so there were various scaffoldings and such around.

I like this view :D

Me being me, I like to take photos of random things with interesting designs.

Stained glass window closeup. I like the colours~ And I think this particular window had various crests/arms on it. This one apparently belongs to someone/some people called Eglinton? Eclinton? hahah Hard to make out if that’s a C or G…

Stained glass is pretty. :x


Got anything to add or say? :D