Quick one before I get down to writing my five-page close reading of a scene from Citizen Kane… which is due on Friday. Hah.

I feel sleepy though. And it’s only 6.15PM! I think watching 2 hours and 20 minutes of Kozintsev’s Hamlet this morning really took its toll on me (and the others as well).

On to a few photos~
This is the Lawnmarket area, where St. Giles’ Cathedral is. Taken on the same day as my St Giles’ Cathedral photos. (There’ll be another set of pics from that day in another post – from Parliament House.)


Scottish flag. I just like this photo. hahaha

A pretty signboard thingy.

Saw one of those costumed tour guides taking his little tour group around…

I forgot what this is called, but never mind. :P

Y’know, the lighting quality in the UK is different. When I edit my photos from Malaysia, I always have to bring up the blue levels and decrease the red and yellow. Now when I’m editing my photos from Edinburgh, I have to increase the yellows and reds and lessen the blues. Interesting.



  1. pollution, maybe? :)

  2. or temperature.. or something. u know how the sky looks som uch bluer on a cold winter day? like that.

  3. Hahaha I think it might be just location and the tilt of the Earth. But pollution could be a cause as well!

  4. if memory serves me right,i think the last building is the Walter Scott Monument/Building. but then, it’s been ages since i went to edinburgh so i might be wrong. :P

  5. nadia:
    Oooh, that could be it. ahaha (I still haven’t gone to check what it is… :P )

  6. For some reason, I read law market, and was thinking… what do they sell? Lawyers? >.<

  7. XDD
    Well, Parliament House is in Lawnmarket so that’s kinda close? ahahahahha

Got anything to add or say? :D