Japan 2016 – Day 3

21 February 2016

On this day I went to Harajuku, poked my nose around Yoyogi Park, then walked from there all the way to Shibuya, where I wandered into the Disney Store and Uniqlo. Exhausted myself thoroughly because I spent quite a long time in Yoyogi Park and only sat down for maybe 20 minutes over the span of 5 hours.

^ The Rockabilly club was out at Yoyogi Park, as (seems to be) usual for them on weekends.

^ Yoyogi park was full of people doing a variety of outdoorsy things, which apparently includes rehearsing dance steps…

^ … and skits.

And then!!!

I saw this:

^ Could those be… SAKURA??

There were so many people gathering there. It had to be the famous cherry blossoms. But it wasn’t even March yet. Were these also early cherry blossoms?

^ Yes, they were. Somehow, I’d stumbled across a patch of early-blooming cherry trees in Yoyogi Park.

^ Saw a fashion shoot going on.

^ The model must’ve felt cold in that spring/summer outfit…

^ This guy and his wife were taking lots of photos with their warmly-clothed dogs.

^ And this one, walking his two dachsunds, was taking pictures of the cherry blossoms. That camera and tripod in the back there belonged to an interesting person.

^ Behold.

That outfit is actually quite nicely coordinated but… Too youthful for the wearer, to say the least.

^ Admiring cherry blossom petals in a big puddle.

^ Cherry blossoms are really pretty…

^ I eventually tore myself away from the cherry trees and went to explore more of the park. This big open space was full of people in sporting pursuits.

^ Badminton

^ Some father-son baseball

^ Kids flying kites

^ I always enjoy watching people walk their dogs in Japan. Mostly because it’s really something you don’t see here except in housing areas :(

^ This guy was doing some kendo practice, maybe.

^ Trombone practice.

^ And a mini concert? haha

Took a few more shots of the Rockabilly club as I left Yoyogi Park to move on to Shibuya (where I didn’t take any good photos because I was feeling very tired, and I was also preoccupied with shopping :P ).

Got anything to add or say? :D