I should be sleeping, but I just finished editing most of today’s yesterday’s 270 photos from Stirling Castle and I’m just really happy with how this picture came out. :D

I think I’ll call it “Waiting.”

It’s really almost ironical how sometimes the nicest photographs are not the ones you plan or worked really hard to get. Somehow my particularly nice photographs are usually the “accidental” ones where it just so happens that I got my camera settings right, and the light was right and the place was perfect. I didn’t even think this picture would come out like that. It was taken on a “oh-this-looks-like-a-nice-angle” whim before I turned to take a picture of another spot and didn’t think about this anymore.

Will get around to posting more some time… After I post pictures from Parliament House and Edinburgh Castle and Deep Sea World and Rosslyn Chapel (not that many from here, but enough for a post of their own). :P Patience, patience. I do have to study, you know! Research Methods assignment revision is due on Friday, and I have a presentation in 2 weeks’ time in Film Theory class. D: Yay for student life abroad. Bookworm during the week, tourist on the weekend…

Oh, and by the way, if you look up above my blog header, you’ll see a new Page there called “Edinburgh” – that’s where I’ll list all my photo-centric posts. Ok?


*goes off to sleep*



  1. nice picture!
    i do agree with yr viewpt. taking picture is an Art, some time “planning” won’t work….

  2. Hiee! :D
    Yeah, sometimes it’s just a waste of energy trying to plan shots. hahaha

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